About Us

Ever feel guilty about leaving your pup home alone all day while your at work? We are here to help! The Gnarly Dog is a cage free doggy daycare and boarding facility where your favorite four legged friend can enjoy hours of off leash play. Our facility offers both indoor and outdoor play areas for dogs to enjoy while you're away. Being pack animals socialization is a key aspect of any dog's life. All dog's should have the opportunity to learn how to properly play and socialize with others. Daycare provides a great outlet for socialization. Dogs can experience safe, healthy, supervised play while at daycare, without the worries of their being animals that are not properly socialized. Other places for play such as the dog park can be dangerous since all dogs their may not be properly socialized.

Our facility has two areas for play, one designated for small dogs and one designated for larger dogs, this insures that everyone is safe when playing. The outside play area also hosts an artificial turf flooring that helps to  provide that cleanest environment possible. The turf is sanitized and cleaned daily. 

The Gnarly Dog strives to provide the best experience possible for all dogs attending daycare. We want all dogs to enjoy a fun, clean, and safe day every time they visit The Gnarly Dog!


Along with daycare The Gnarly Dog offers dog walking, grooming and overnight boarding!




Jaclyn Beauregard, founder and owner of The Gnarly Dog has had a passion for working with animals her entire life. Using this passion she graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in animal and veterinary sciences. Jaclyn decided to further her passion by opening her own business where she could use her skills and knowledge each day to provide the best pet care possible. 


"Jaclyn walked my Sheltie Dublin all spring and he looked forward to hanging with her and her border collie Ace twice a week so much that he would wait by the door on Tuesdays and Thursdays! I highly recommend her and her business!"--- Kyle Bessette, Narragansett RI

Maxx is always tuckered out after a day at The Gnarly Dog! The best part about this place is that Maxx gets to be around other dogs instead of laying around the house all day while we work. Awesome people. Awesome dogs.

Kato loves going to The Gnarly Dog! As soon as we pull, his tail starts wagging and he can't get inside fast enough! It is awesome to have a place for him to go and play with other dogs while we're at work! Jaclyn and her staff are wonderful :)

We love the Gnarly Dog Charlie our Goldendoodle goes and returns with utter excitement and delight every time he goes for the day. He loves the social environment with the other dogs and is always tuckered out once home from all that play! Great place people and pups too :)

1153 Boston Neck Road, Narragansett, Rhode Island | 401-284-1477

Hours - Monday thru Friday 7 am- 7 pm

Saturdays 10 am- 5 pm

Sundays 7 am- 12 pm and 3 pm - 7 pm (boarding only)